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Our Grapes

The criteria for selecting wines for the store are simple; there has to be a value to them. Whether it’s a $5 bottle or a $100 bottle, they must deliver better than their price suggests - they must deliver outstanding value.

In addition, they must be good examples of their variety, and not exclusively but preferably be from smaller boutique producers. We invest considerable time tasting and selecting wines to make sure we make the best use of our limited shop space and to present our customers with a range that’s always interesting and above all enjoyable. We endeavour to take the risk out of your next wine purchase and to ensure you get a great bottle of wine.

Our Hops

It wasn’t that long ago when Cascade Premium and James Boag hit the market and gave the Big 2 breweries in Australia a massive wake up call to not take the consumer for granted. Over time Cascade and James Boag have effectively been gobbled up by multinational businesses and are now seen as ‘mainstream’ as VB and Crown Lager.

Then it was Coopers and Mountain Goat who picked up the slack to a degree and drove the ‘craft beer’ wave. Fast forward to 2013 and the craft beer juggernaut has pretty much taken over all fridge space in independent wine and beer stores: Beer drinkers have never had it better!!!

Right now here in downtown Seddon, craft beer pretty much rules the fridge space, and for good reason – they taste awesome. So without rambling on anymore, here are just a frothies that are floating our boat right now.

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